Fashion or Fine?

Do you know all jewelry classes or you divide it to mass production and lux only?🤔 It’s important to distinguish them as price and value depend on the class.⠀⠀

Jewelry world is divided into:
💎Wholesale jewelry
💎Fashion jewelry
💎Costume jewelry
💎Fine or high-end jewelry 

Costume Jewelry

This class of jewelry appeared in 1920s. Fake jewelry pieces were created to fine jewelry ones for everyday wear. Thus, original pieces were protected from loss or theft and could be passed down from mother to daughter as family heirlooms. In the 1930s, Hollywood started to use costume jewelry as it was less expensive than investing in fine jewelry. 


The price of costume jewelry is much lower as less precious metals and stones are used, gold plating is extremely popular. ⠀

Fashion Jewelry


Fashion jewelry is similar to costume jewelry, as both of them offer affordable prices as non-precious metals and stones or rhinestones are used, gold plating is extremely popular. 
Nowadays, the terms “costume” and “fashion” are used synonymously but there is a difference: fashion jewelry is made following current trends while costume jewelry is timeless. The choice of material also depends on the trend. 

Fine Jewelry

Fine or high-end jewelry is always a form of art. ⠀

Fine jewelry is always made⠀
💎 from precious stones and metals ⠀
💎 in limited editions ⠀
💎manually using rare and complicated techniques .
All materials used are unique and of highest quality 

No matter what category of jewelry you are interested in, you need to choose it carefully. How? I’ll tell you in the following posts =)


One thought on “Fashion or Fine?

  1. I have to admit I love costume jewelry! I think large, unusual pieces are so fun! Therefore I hate fashion jewelry. Blech!


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